🚀Sifchain is a decentralized cross-chain value exchange infrastructure.

🔗Sifchain builds infrastructure on Thorchain and Cosmos and will support 20–25 blockchains (such as Ethereum and Stellar) for cross-chain integration. Thanks to the 🌃Cosmos SDK, Sifchain processes 10,000 transactions per second, which is 28,500% more efficient than the leading DeX servers. Sifchain inherits Thorchain’s cross-chain capabilities.

👩‍🌾Sifchain employs a hybrid order matching model that enables order fulfillment cost-effectively through continuous liquidity pools (CLP) and complex order specification across order books. The platform supports market and limit orders as well as margin trading. Funds for margin trading are provided from the liquidity pool. Interest rates are set based on market demand and supply of liquidity. This in turn increases the profitability of liquidity providers: provides interest on the loan as income in addition to the swap fees and increases the size of the swaps and therefore the size of the swap fees.

Rowan is a Sifchain governance token. Sifchain validators can influence protocol changes with votes weighted in proportion to the amount of Rowan they have. Rowan is provided to validators through an issue (also known as block rewards) in exchange for participating in the network consensus. Sifchain uses Rowan as a governance / settlement token, it will vote on changes in the Sifchain project, and also be used in cross-chain exchanges (for example ETH: BTC — ETH: ROWAN -> ROWAN: BTC).

👁Sifchain’s DAO
SifDAO will launch concurrently with the public sale of Rowan and will receive targeted Rowan distribution regardless of the reserves of the Sifchain team. Rowan holders can vote on the chain as to how SifDAO should spend this allotment to support Sifchain. Sifchain core team encourages SifDAO to independently identify, fund and execute plans that it believes will help Sifchain and Rowan flourish. Where possible, the responsibilities of the core Sifchain team will be brought to the attention of SifDAO for the purpose of independently supporting the team’s efforts. Piece by piece, SifDAO will inherit the responsibilities of the core team until it is fully responsible for the further management of Sifchain.

The DeFi AMM DEX and the unique value of Sifchain were highlighted during the MoneyDance hackathon hosted by Avalanche. Recording and the video itself via the link on Twitter

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